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Arrest Stories

During past protests, many XR activists were arrested

?Why do they do it?

?Where does the courage come from and how do they become self-motivated?

?What motivates these Arrestees?

?How are the personal consequences overcome?

In Extinction Rebellion we all know 'Sacrifice' is important but what about the emotional turmoil that can follow. Does the perception of doubting family members shift?

Often, huge personal, family, financial and career prospects are 'ripped apart' by the single act of being arrested.

So many questions to discuss. You are all invited to join our Midlands speakers and help us to discuss these topics. Speakers will be followed by break out room discussion. A 15min break is also included in the schedule.

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Event Date Sat 6 Feb 2021 7:00 pm
Categories Talks and Training

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