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We are at a crucial time in history where the time to pull together and rebel on the streets of London has arrived again! 

Extinction Rebellion’s national rebellion starts on Monday 23rd August and lasts for two weeks until Saturday 4th September.  There will be two main concepts this time around; Week 1 - Emergency Crisis Talks aimed at engaging with, and listening to members of the public talk about the climate crisis.  Then Week 2 - Disrupt the City of London where there will be numerous actions designed to launch an immediate demand on the financial district to end all fossil fuel funding now!  Please come along to our pre-rebellion meeting and find out more! 

This will also be a wonderful opportunity to meeting with other local rebels attending the rebellion and share feelings and concerns, ask questions, exchange contact details and make practical arrangements.  Whether you’re an existing, neighbouring or new rebel, we’d love to see you there! 

The gate to the wood will be open from 7:15am.  There is a bike rack just inside the wood and parking across the road near Victoria Park.  There is a compost toilet.  It's also good to bring a chair or a piece of plastic to put on the benches which are often damp.

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Event Date Tue 17 Aug 2021 7:30 pm
Location Foundry Wood
Categories Local Group Meetings

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