UK Newsletter #19

Biodiversity is not ‘cute’

This week, the UN Secretary General made a moving speech that detailed the hell we’re heading for (transcriptvideo summary).

Humanity is waging war on nature,’ he said, ‘This is suicidal.

Indeed, with a shiny new contract awarded to drill the world’s largest oasis, ‘global soils’ in serious peril from agricultural harassment, once-in-a-lifetime superfloods becoming a regular thing, and new links between air pollution and Alzheimer’s, things are looking bleak.​ Not to mention multiple governments sidelining our species’ survival as they launch their Covid-19 recovery plans.

Oh, and here in the UK, we can look forward to a ‘major crackdown’ on our protest rights in the new year.

But despite such existential horrors, this team is trying to celebrate the positives: loggers and eco-warriors teamed up to save a rainforest in Canada; ‘rebirding’ is a thing people care about; the climate crisis might not be as divisive as politicians make out; and there’s a new US President waiting in the wings who’s not a climate denier! Can I get a ‘Hoo-ray!‘?

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