Global Newsletter #50

The Scientists Have Had Enough

We have understood the science of the climate crisis for over 30 years. The first IPCC report, where the world’s scientific community set out the scale of the problem, came out in 1990. But our governments chose not to act then, and still fail us today.

It is from that failure that protest movements like XR have sprung, and scientists have played a generous role in supporting our rebellion and offering us expertise. But, though integrated with our movement, they have tended to stay away from direct action.

All that changed during the UK’s September Rebellion last year. Two physicists threw green paint over the Royal Society in London, the oldest scientific institution in the world, and called on scientists to engage in civil disobedience. Scientist Rebellion was born.

Scientist Rebellion believes that scientists and their institutions must act like the climate crisis is an emergency - and speaking about an emergency is not enough. Only non-violent civil resistance truly validates the science, and shows people how urgent this situation is.

Now Scientist Rebellion has hundreds of members all over the world, from Australia to Kenya to Mexico. They recently came together for 4 days of global action, which you can read about in Action Highlights. You can also learn about the latest climate science in a specially curated Must Reads.

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