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Working Groups meet regularly to coordinate or organise certain areas of Extinction Rebellion Warwick District.

Future Democracy in Warwick District

What does democracy look like in our district post lock down and in a world that is likely to see increasing climate instability and resource shortages? Will constant shocks to our system lead to the erosion of local liberties as politicians increasingly come to use the tools provided by mass surveillance and detailed understanding of human psychology to control details of our daily lives? Or will we be able to forge a more community orientated approach which seeks open and equitable access to knowledge and resources with participatory communal action?

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Join the discussion in our online local group meeting where we will try and define how we would like to see our future local political landscape and how we can start to make it come about.

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Event Date Sat 2 May 2020 2:30 pm
Location XRWD Zoom Room
Categories Local Group Meetings, Political, Zoom Meeting
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