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Stand Up for Change

At The Town Hall in Leamington

Taking every care to ensure we maintain Social Distancing, we are planning to exercise and make our presence known before the District Council full meetings to demonstrate our dissatisfaction with the current inadequate response to the climate and ecological emergency. We would like our local representatives to know that we expect far more from them.

We are determined to comply with the COVID-19 Government advice and at the moment we are able to do so this action will go ahead. If you attend please ensure you follow our directions and exercise (walk or gently jog) well spaced out.

This action is inspired by the campaigns of civil resistance in Central & Eastern Europe (mainly Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia) in the late 1980's. There were mass non-violent demonstrations and clear popular opposition in many cities. People stood out on their streets making their presence and dissatisfaction know to the authorities and pressured for change. This action is open to everyone, not only Extinction Rebellion.

The more the merrier so bring friends, relatives, strangers ... everyone is welcome so long as they follow Government advice.

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Event Date Wed 24 Jun 2020 6:00 pm
Location Leamington Town Hall
Categories XRWD Action

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