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Join us at our public Local Group Meetings, rebel with us, rebel with others, get involved.

Upcoming Events

Click here for a programme of online workshops and more from XRUK, using the video conferencing service Zoom. All are welcome!

Introduction to XR

Introduction to XR

Tue 27 Apr 2021 6:00 pm
XR Midlands Zoom Room
Weekly on a Tuesday at 7pm
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  • What are the 3 demands, the 10 principles and values?
  • How does XR organise itself? ? Learn more about what XR is, what we do and how you can get involved.
Rebellion of One

Rebellion of One

Sat 1 May 2021

Rebellion Of One is a single-person roadblock, times 1,000. At midday on 1st May (and subsequent days and times, to be agreed) individuals across the UK (seemingly spontaneously) will sit down in the road, alone, in front of traffic. They wear a sandwich board with a simple and emotive message. They remain sitting in the road until they choose to move, or are moved. 

We will not be bystanders while the world burns.


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