Extinction Rebellion

Warwick District


Throughout these ten days the latest plans are that action will be taken to other key institutions of power in central London, highlighting the harm and injustice that the ecocidal system is causing. A ‘hub’ will be set up where new rebels can be trained up in nonviolent direct action, meet other rebels and learn about XR. There will be opportunities to join in actions every day, whatever level of risk you are willing to take. At the weekend there will be a Peoples’ Assembly on the CEE and a march through London to bring together all people with a unified message.


We also know some rebels cannot or will not want to travel but not to worry as everyone has their part to play and there’s plenty of other options such the Digital Rebellion, Arrestee  Support etc. so again please get in touch or alternatively please see further details in the handbook:

Event Properties

Event Date Fri 4 Sep 2020
Location London
Categories International Rebellion

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