XR’s ‘Big picture’ systems project

A new team is doing some exciting work to shake up XR’s systems and grow our collective strength. It’s called the Systems Realignment project.

You’re warmly invited to get involved through a new ‘story-catching’ tool called SenseMaker - sign up here and read on to learn more!

It’s been said that XR is in an awkward teenage phase, trying to figure out who we are and what we want to do with our life, as a movement. This project hopes to transition us into early adulthood: we are seeking mentorship and learning from experience.

This new team includes people from within XR and outside eyes, chosen for their specific experience in looking at the big picture (video intros here).

 They care deeply about the future of this movement and are giving their time and energy to help us answer some key questions: which direction do we want to grow in? What barriers are limiting our potential? How do we set big changes in motion with a decentralised and rebellious spirit?

They are working with rebels from all around the organism and they want to hear from you. This project needs input from rebels in local groups, affinity groups, working groups - all the groups.

In this spirit, all rebels are invited to try out a new tool called SenseMaker. It’s a sort of digital ‘story-catcher’ that takes individual narratives and weaves them together to form a picture of a whole community’s story. It can help us spot patterns in XR, so we can all learn and decide what to do next.

If you have had frustrating experiences or think your voice is not heard in XR, the team really wants to listen to you. Your story is valuable and could well offer insight into how things are/aren’t working, more broadly.  

Sign up to find out more about SenseMaker and how you can use it in your group or team.

These colourful FAQs have answers to questions like 'Who is involved?', 'What have they achieved so far?' and 'Where is the money coming from?'. It also features woolly mammoths. Tempted?

Note: If you've heard this project referred to as the Organisational Development project or 'ODP', its the same thing! Sorry for the confusion!

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