Warwickshire Bears in Trouble!

We had been hoping to carry out an action in front of the Shire Hall in Warwick on 14th November but due to the lock down in place, this has been cancelled.

However we would still like to ask the County Council 'What is your plan?' We are aware that WCC members are dragging their feet since announcing a Climate Emergency in July 2019 and may need a little encouragement.

So how can XRWD do this now?

One of our brave members had been planning to dress up as the Warwickshire Bear for the Shire Hall action. Instead, and to maintain an element of creativity, we are asking you as individuals or families to take photos of your favourite bear being affected by climate change events such as flooding ( eg drowning in the Leam), heatwaves, biodiversity loss, no honey for the bears to eat!

What would you like to send to the Council?

Email your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 14th December. They will form a larger collage to send to Councillors, MPs and other groups with a press release in January. The bear photos can also be sent to the art competition for schools by going onto the Warwickshire Climate Alliance website. Drawings and pictures are also very welcome.