Town Hall Vigil

Rebelling for the trees, HS2 & Amazon

The CEE Bill gains momentum!

The Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill now has the support of 75 MPs and if you're in the Warwick and Leamington constituency you may have spotted in Matt Western's latest newsletter that he is in support of the Bill too. Good news indeed! Thank you to everyone who has written to Matt asking for his backing. You can find out more about the Bill at

Member of Extinction Rebellion Warwick District are continuing a series of vigils at the various Town Halls to bring attention to the CEE Bill which is gaining interest and support from the public as well as MPs. On Saturday 26th September 6 rebels (the maximum number that is currently permissible with Covid restrictions in place) took stage outside the Almanac in Kenilworth to bring attention to the Bill and also to engage with the public (while maintaining social distancing rules) to discuss the climate crisis and why the Bill is so important. They also exchanged ideas on measures being taken at a more local and individual level to live in a more sustainable manner. Further vigils will take place at Warwick Shire Hall and Leamington Town Hall, with precise dates to be agreed soon and made available on the XRWD website.

Amazon Rebellion

XR Warwick District's Political and Actions group are linked with a growing campaign titled "Amazon not a Pasture" which seeks to bring attention to the increasing deforestation to the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon is burning and every 20 seconds an area of forest the size of a football field is lost forever. Indigenous people and Guardians of the Forest are resisting, risking their lives, often to satisfy demand to some of the UK's most popular fast food chains, supermarkets and banks.

The Amazon not a Pasture campaign has been formulated in our Brazil XR Group which then subsequently reached out to our National XR strategy group. Forthcoming actions are being planned and will involve the targeting of major international companies based in the UK who contribute , either directly or indirectly, to the ongoing destruction of the Amazon rainforest. If anyone is interested in becoming more involved please contact Dominic Harrison by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HS2 Rebellion
The first week of October saw 4 consecutive days of outreach, speeches and protest in both Leamington Spa and Kenilworth. On Friday 9th October, a national day of mobilisation against HS2, local people met at Cubbington Church and walked over to the Pear tree. Public opposition to HS2 is high and gaining more support and momentum every day. Dr. Gail Bradbrook and Michael Mansfield QC spoke in Leamington on Saturday 4th, and a protester spent 4 days up the tree near the Town Hall, where the banners still hang and Queen Victoria is proud to wear a Stop HS2 tabard. Stop HS2 got some good coverage on the BBC. More daily support for the camps and direct actions is always very much appreciated. Whatever time and resources you can offer will be gratefully received!

Evictions at Rugby Road, Cubbington and in Jones Wood near Wendover in Buckinghamshire have been assisted by the police. Notable residents of Jones Wood are Swampy and Steve Masters, a local Green Councillor. Cutting and undergrowth removal has begun in these places, and still continues in Cubbington Woods. The National Eviction Team, an HS2 sub-contractor, continues to be violent, which further damages their credibility. Matt Western has spoken out against HS2 in Parliament. Southam is complaining louder about the unacceptable road closures and extra time and travelling costs incurred by local residents and businesses.


Extinction Rebellion Warwick District Local Group Meeting

Our open meetings continue on zoom on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, 7.30pm-9pm. This is an opportunity to share news, information, opinions and ideas and to make connections with other local rebels. Everyone is welcome, whether or not you have been involved up until now. We need you! For anyone new to XR meetings, there will be a short introduction to Extinction Rebellion's Principles and Values and how XR works. We always have some regenerative activity at the meeting in the form of guided relaxation or chi gung, followed by an open agenda. Do come along.
The zoom link is

Zoom meeting ID:824 3044 2443
Password: XRWDLGM
Any questions please contact Ali on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

XR and Biodiversity- The Inspiration of David Attenborough by local rebel Chris Philpott

In the last rebellion one of the themes was the destruction of Biodiversity through the HS2 project and the decimation of the Amazon. There was a march of solidarity to support the indigenous peoples of the Amazon to highlight how their homelands are being trashed for soya, cattle and logging. Felicity and I had the good fortune to see the Cinema version of David Attenborough’s “A Life on Our Planet”, which is now on NETFLIX. I was even blessed for my 70th birthday to receive a present of the book. We both highly recommend rebels seeing the film. It is a “witness statement” by David Attenborough of how he has seen the destruction of Nature in his 70 year career. Sadly it shows that the increasing  destructive effects of climate change , increasing population and consumption have resulted in a decrease in wilderness areas  from 62% in 1960 to 35% today. It is not all doom and gloom though, as David says it is possible to turn round the biodiversity loss by a massive programme of “rewilding”, that is letting nature return to itself. There is some new evidence that trees growing back in areas left to rewild are more effective at taking up Carbon Dioxide than planted forests. Another strategy is to stop destroying habitats on land and in the ocean and preserve what is left of the wilderness. Protected forests and no fish zones in the oceans are ways of doing this.  Now Brazil XR is asking UK groups to be involved in a campaign to shame those companies which contribute to the destruction of the Amazon. The Political group are looking into this for possible local actions.

Individually and collectively we can all stand up for nature!

What would you like to share?

Have you been inspired recently? We'd love to receive book, film or TV reviews for inclusion in this newsletter. Or maybe you'd like to write about a local initative addressing the climate and ecological emergency. Send your contributions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Copy deadlines are 22nd October, 5th November and 19th November.


Love, Rage, Rebellion.        

XR Warwick District