Rebel Daily 7

Daily rebellion newsletter from XRUK

Rebellion wraps up

Welcome to Rebel Daily #7 – the last issue of this Rebellion!

And what a Rebellion it has been.

Rebels have shown their true colours this Rebellion: the astounding bravery and dedication we’ve seen on the streets and online are testament to a movement that will not give up, no matter how nasty and unjust our opposition might become.

For some rebels involved, this is no joke. Papers like the Daily Mail have been singling out individuals to attack, even printing their home addresses. While certainly scary, we can take this kind of vitriol as a twisted mark of recognition: we’ve ‘levelled up’, as it were.

A full week after our newspaper blockade, the Murdoch press is still fuming. The government still seems unsure what to do with us. But, that’s okay. As we all know, we’re not here to be liked: we’re here to raise the alarm.

And it’s working. Almost in the same breath that they condemn our tactics, some articles are criticising government inaction on the climate crisis. Whether it’s celebrities or tragedies, the truth we represent is getting harder to ignore.

If there was any doubt, this September we’ve proved that XR has still got it. The colour and magic on the streets speaks for itself. We even resurrected the pink boat (watch its spectacular unveiling).

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