XRWD Newsletter 25 May 2020

XRWD Newsletter 25 May 2020

We hope you are keeping safe, below you will find some upcoming actions and meetings and what we have been up to recently.

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  • Local Group Meeting this Tuesday join us on Zoom
  • Reclaim the streets, recent action
  • Climate Action Network West Midlands, networking group
  • No Going Back, action - Join us on 30 May

Extinction Rebellion Warwick District



Local Group Meeting this Tuesday

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It's the 4th Tuesday of the month on 26th May, so it's Local Group Meeting time again! This is an open event for all. We'd love to see new and familiar faces, to share ideas and discuss what's happening within XR Warwick District.  

The meeting will take place on Tuesday 26th May, 7.30-9pm, on zoom.

Hi everyone, a reminder that our Local Group Meeting is next Tuesday 26th May, 7.30-9pm on zoom. We’ll have a chance to ask the political group any questions that you might have, in follow up to the Future Democracy meeting earlier this month. We’re also going to find out what’s been happening with Stop HS2 actions locally, discuss a possible action for 'No Going Back' on 30th May and hear about the External Coordinator role from the Coordinating Group. As well as a chance to check in with each other and enjoy some regen.
To join the meeting, click on this link at 7.30pm.
You can also choose to download Zoom using https://zoom.us/join
Meeting ID: 824 3044 2443
Password XRWDLGM
We look forward to seeing you there!




Reclaim the streets

On Sunday 17th in Leamington Spa a group of rebels took to the streets in support of the 'Reclaim The Streets' campaign. After marking roads and patways with cycle path markers the group cycled around town in support of cycling and new cycle infrastructure, all while social-distancing! Pushing for safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists alike. Thanks to all of our lovely rebels, Cycleways and the Warwick Society for their support 👍🌍🌱🚲


Climate Action Network West Midlands

Last Tuesday (19 May) , two XRWD members (David Mond and Dominic Harrison) attended an on-line Zoom workshop arranged by a new organisation called "Climate Action Network West Midlands". This was well attended by a number of climate activists from different organisations, including members of XR, and also a number of councillors. The participants represented Birmingham and the surrounding counties so it provided a useful update on successes and frustrations on climate progress in different areas. It seemed well organised, with a high engagement from attendees, with a proposal to hold these on a monthly basis. An on-line portal is to be set up where any suggestions or initiatives can be uploaded. It was also apparent that this network will allow comparisons between different councils across the West Midlands to be a lot more transparent and easier. Attendees were also encouraged to look at the Manchester Climate Emergency web-site as a positive example of where a City Council is engaging with its citizens to gauge the extent and increase of their climate emergency awareness. A very useful session all in all.



No Going Back - Join us on 30 May

Our Government has been looking to bailout out climate and nature destroyers over people, has put production over care and consumption over freedom. So it’s time to take creative action and let them know there is NO GOING BACK!!!
This time we will be taking our message directly to the Government - at all levels, across the UK
WHEN? 10am on Saturday 30th May
WHERE? (Please choose your MP/location)
Open space outside constituency offices of either:
  • Jeremy Wright, MP, Jubilee House, Smalley Place, Kenilworth CV8 1QG
  • Matt Weston, MP, Town Hall, Parade, Leamington Spa, CV32 4AT
  • Or at the Shire Hall, Warwick or Town Hall, Leamington.

Please read the full details of the event and social distancing rules on our website before attending.




Love and rebellion
Extinction Rebellion Warwick District
Website: xrwd.earth


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