#NHSnotHS2 - Help from Home

High Speed 2 (HS2) is BAD. Really bad...

The new high speed railway, built by a Government company, will:

  • Costs £110 billion (taxpayers)

  • £4K per household!

  • While the NHS struggles

  • Spew CO2 for 120 years

  • Destroy over 100 ancient woodlands

  • And 700 wildlife sites unlawfully.

  • While animals try to nest.

  • Staff are breaking social-distancing

So much has happened, 10 years of campaigning, 2 years of opposition camps...but NOW we have nothing but our laptops and phones as they’ve evicted everyone.

SO - from 6th April - please HELP us to STOP HS2 by taking ACTION from HOME!

We’re continuing a coordinated: SOCIAL MEDIA STORM and a:MASS CALLING CAMPAIGN

It’s EASY! All the guidance is in this easy, 3 page document: https://tinyurl.com/urv4y9o

Join us to Take Action online this week