Power Together

XR Strategy for 2020

For 2020, XRUK are setting clear goals in these 4 areas:

People Power

Bring a million people into active support and persuade 50% of the UK to see the Emergency as our country’s top priority.


Test out new tools that encourage us to collaborate, listen, and take an active role in building the future we want to see.

Movement of Movements

Work with other movements to create new shared stories that include and transform.

Inner Strength

Build systems with regenerative cultures at their heart. Live the principles and values in everything we do.

That’s the outline, you can read the full 2020 Strategy with loads more detail on our action plan for the year and what that might look like in your local group! (Video here.)

This strategy is designed to gather XR's energy into coherent themes, it's not a set of instructions. Take it and let it inspire and empower your creativity.