Stop Birmingham Airport Expansion Protest

XR Warwick District  joined the first Stop Birmingham Airport Expansion protest, in wind and rain, to hold placards and chant in front of Birmingham’s Airport Consultative Committee meeting on Thursday 7 December.

These quarterly meetings happen behind closed doors, despite guidelines that they should be open to the public, so were met with chants of “Closed to the public, not democratic”. 

Whilst these meetings go on in private, few are aware of the plan for the 40% expansion of flights at Birmingham, sure to increase noise and air pollution in our area, and add to the climate crisis.  We are so proud of the community for taking the first steps in stopping the expansion, as we spread awareness we look forward to gaining momentum and holding Birmingham Airport to account.  The protest was supported by both Extinction Rebellion Warwick District and Extinction Rebellion Coventry.  Photos by Lexi-Jo Boyd

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