Outreach / Climate Roulette / Coffee

On 14th October XR Warwick District set up a roulette wheel outside Leamington Town Hall and invited citizens to play Climate Roulette.

As advertised, this is the game you never asked to play. Nonetheless, you can win biscuits. There are 36 possible outcomes on the roulette wheel (aside from zero) and for each was ascribed a real-life outcome of the climate emergency, such as flooding in Pakistan, Wildfire in LA and Exxon making profits of $52 billion.

We had some great conversations and signed up more people to our mailing list before heading to Temperance for well-earned coffee and cake. Thanks to all who helped.

 Do the biscuits symbolise the meaningless consumer goods we get distracted by in the midst of a climate crisis?  I hadn't got round to fully developing the metaphor enough to work that out.  

Global Boiling

Roulette Wheel and Jammie Dodgers

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