Barclays Action Jan 23

We went back to Barclays on Saturday 21 January 2023 to highlight their terrible record of funding fossil fuels.  They are the biggest funders of fossil fuels in Europe, despite their efforts at Greenwashing.  Fellow rebels from Stratford and Coventry came out to support the action, in somewhat ironic weather.

In the face of a worsening climate emergency, with millions displaced and thousands killed in flooding in Pakistan last year, Barclays continues to make blah blah blah statements about 2050.  We must act now, with levels of carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere making staying beneath 1.5C of warming vanishingly unlikely.  

We had useful conversations with members of the public about switching to better banks, such as Nationwide and publicised the Big One, encouraging people to join us in London on the 21 April and beyond. 

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