COP26 Die-in November 21

COP26 Die-in November 21

Extinction Rebellion activists staged a die-in at Leamington Town Hall on Saturday the 13th of November, highlighting our disappointment at the COP26 climate change summit, which came to an end in Glasgow on the same day.

A 'corpse' covered in a shroud was accompanied by black-clad mourners and the distinctive 'Red Rebels', a troupe of silent performers wearing red dresses, who slowly walked down the Parade to join the die-in and attend the 'corpse', as a death march was beaten out on a bass drum and empty shoes symbolised the lost lives.

Placards declared that there is "No Life on a Dead Planet' and quoted the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' stark statement that 'We're running out of time and digging our own graves', made at COP26.
Digging our own graves placard
Humanity is facing its greatest threat from the climate emergency.  This die-in marked the deaths already caused by drought, floods and famines resulting from man-made climate change, from Germany to Uganda, and those to come.  We are running out of time to avert further disaster and Extinction Rebellion Warwick District want to highlight how far our government have fallen short of real positive action, with the continued licencing of oil drilling and subsidies for fossil fuels.  We can't afford to believe the lies of Boris Johnson and others, at a COP where fossil fuel companies had more representation than any single nation.  We implore others to join us in campaigning for real action.  

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