Oliva the Orangutan


For the first time since the lockdown ended, XRWD delivered an incredible event in a public space. The basic concept was to have a “Parade Against Extinction” around Jephson Gardens, with rebels carrying placards highlighting the plight of endangered species in the U.K. and the world, and accompanied by art work produced by adults and children.

We employed Emma Garafalo, a carnival artist of 20 years experience, to advise us on how to produce visually stunning models and masks of the butterflies, birds and mammals of the species we were focussing on. To this purpose, rebels showed commitment and hard work on two preparation days. On the day we tried to further educate the public about species extinction, by holding a quiz based on 13 endangered species . Quiz contestants won prizes donated by individuals and local businesses so this proved very popular. We ran two workshops for children and adults, Emma involved people in making “Olivia the Orangutan” and Ali, supported by XRWD rebels, helped children produce bats, butterflies and Puffin heads.

Our stall had information, not only about XR, but also pamphlets sent to us by conservation organisations, such as RSPB, the Hedgehog Preservation Society and the Bat Conservation Trust. Throughout the day we were really busy and our team of about 15 rebels helped deliver the event, The bonus was that we had a good write up in the Leamington Courier and developed a good relationship with the Festival Organiser who has invited us to take part again next year. https://www.leamingtoncourier.co.uk/news/people/art-loves-of-all-ages-enjoy-leamington-festivals-return-after-its-hiatus-due-to-covid-19-3342322