The 2021 XR UK Strategy is here!

2021 is a critical year for our planet. Time is running out and we need to explode out of lockdown with renewed energy. We also need to respond to the ways in which the world around us has changed.

This new strategy, called 'Do or Die', is the result of a bold experiment.

Many voices from around the movement came together to form the UK Strategy Assembly and create this strategy. Representatives from all the different nations, regions, UK circles and groups such as disabled rebels, XR Youth and the Internationalist Solidarity Network (ISN) brought as many perspectives as possible to the table. The diversity and inclusivity of the circle is embodied within the strategy.  

The strategy comes in a few formshere's the short version, here's the full-length version, and here's the video.

We recommend watching the video while going through the document!

What we’ve produced is more than a traditional strategy document. It’s a call to action. It’s an acknowledgement of past mistakes, and a thank you to all the amazing rebels who’ve kept going during an incredibly difficult year. It’s also a toolkit, stuffed with resources and ideas for where to go from here.

It’s an expression of where we are as a movement at this absolutely pivotal moment in time.

We really hope all of this comes across when you read it and that you might find it helpful and inspiring.

With Radical Love and Rage,

UK Strategy Assembly