Rebellion of One moved to 1st MAY

The UK Rebellion Of One team has taken the difficult decision to move our action date to 1st May.

While this may be disappointing and frustrating news to some, we are hearing many rebel voices across the UK who think a delay could make the action more powerful.

Two reasons stood out:

  1. After April 12th, high streets will be open again and bustling with people.

    Trial runs have taught us that Rebellion Of One needs pedestrians to witness it. Without bystanders to engage with the raw emotion of each of us who sits, the action becomes less safe and much less impactful.

  2. The 1st May is the second anniversary of the UK Parliament declaring a Climate and Environment Emergency.
    Their 2019 ‘declaration’ is the ultimate example of empty promises and dangerous greenwashing from those in power. Taking to the streets on this day holds tremendous symbolic value. We can shine a light on their inaction and tell them we're not going anywhere.



Now what?

We know that teams have been working so hard to prepare - if you're itching to get back out there, you're not alone!

But, changing the date does give us six more weeks to build our teams and recruit more sitters. We now have the opportunity to put into practice our regenerative principles by thoroughly preparing ourselves for this action (calendar of sessions here).

Get stuck in...

Questions? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

International Implications

More than 40 Rebellion of One sitters have put their bodies on the line in places like GermanyPoland and the Netherlands. It is so inspiring to see rebels trialling this idea in their own context.

We understand that changing the UK date affects XR groups around the world. We fully trust rebels to decide when is the best time for them to carry out this action in their country, based on their own calculations of maximum impact.

We stand together, even if our actions are a few weeks apart!