Local group meeting 23 February 2021

We had another lively meeting where we discussed a banner drop on March 26th in support of the CEE bill and heard from our external coordinator about all the training that’s available while we’re unable to protest as a group on the streets. The training includes an introduction to Money Rebellion (every Tuesday at 6.00) which is an action we can all be involved in even in these times of restricted social contact.

At our last meeting we had flagged up that we needed someone to take on the role of treasurer – very happily someone has now come forward – thank you! We’re still looking for someone to take over the role of external coordinator though so if you think this might be something you could do please get in touch.

We discussed the various channels of communication that we use – mainly Mattermost and Telegram. There are 2 channels on Telegram – one for chat and one for announcements. If you’re not on Telegram yet and would like to be please let us know.

Our main discussion was about the CEE bill and organising the banner drop on March 26th. There was a ‘practice’ banner drop on Monday 22 February in Leamington recently bearing the slogan ‘You can’t self-isolate from climate change’ – a quote from Mark Carney and encouraging people to back the CEE bill. Apparently it was quite exciting to be involved so if you want some excitement come along to the next meeting and help organise the next banner drop!

We then went into breakout rooms for the working group meetings – Communications and Media, and Actions. Actions discussed the practicalities of banner making and the desirability of involving more rebels in this while Comms talked about publicising the banner drop through all our communication channels. Comms produces our newsletter regularly and would like to encourage rebels to contribute to it.

These meetings are a really good opportunity to catch up with everything XRWD is doing and to make contact with each other –they also generate energy and connection in these strange times. It would be lovely to see more rebels attending so please come along – you’ll be very welcome!