After 500 people recently participated in an international XR open zoom session, many have expressed a desire for more opportunities to connect. XR World is an opportunity to bring us as a movement together with like-minded friends to listen and learn from one another.

An alliance of dedicated XR members in different countries are proposing creating an event so rebels can come together to celebrate the vital work they are doing, to enjoy great talks and testimonies, and discover to concrete tactics that work in a range of workshops. Suggestions include;

  • Music, songs and poetry
  • First People’s voice
  • Inspirational talks from radical subject matter experts addressing mass mobilization & civil disobedience in 2021
  • XR members sharing how their work helps give meaning and purpose and assists with resilience and overcoming climate grief
  • A selection of optional participatory workshops and facilitated workshops by noteables based on topics that YOU choose!


If you want to take part please visit XR World.