Feedback from XRWD LGM

Feedback from XRWD local group meeting 9 February 2021

The main issue that we discussed was the CEE bill and how to support it. The political working group is talking to local councillors about how they can show their support for the bill and are involved in drafting a statement of support that councillors can sign. This will be sent out under the umbrella of Warwickshire Climate Alliance.

At national level 98 MPs have come out in support of the bill. XR nationally is coordinating a banner drop and Twitter storm on March 26th and our Actions group has decided to make a banner for this action. People will be invited to take a video or photo of themselves in front of the banner and Tweet it – if loads of rebels up and down the country do this it could be really effective.

We also heard from our external coordinator about actions that are being planned – these include the Rebellion of 1 and Money Rebellion. There are also lots of trainings available for rebels who are interested in becoming skilled in what’s needed to fight for a better response to the climate emergency.

Rebels are going to start practising the dance moves so that we can participate in ‘Discobedience’ – the music is ‘Staying Alive’!

Our external coordinator is intending to step down so we’re looking for someone to take on this role. It mainly involves attending a Zoom meeting of all external coordinators every Monday – anyone who thinks they might be interested in this please contact us.

The other role which we need to fill is that of Treasurer – so if you might be interested in taking this on please let us know.

Media and Comms are also looking for rebels who would be interested in helping out – again please let us know if you’d like to get involved.