What's a 'Rebellion of One'?

Coming out of the pandemic will be our last, best chance to remake the world, and it’s being thrown away.

If one thing is clear, it’s that the government is not about to ‘build back better’ from Covid-19: their policies and budgets give them away. Clearly visible behind the coat of greenwash are the government’s real priorities: stay in power; bail out polluting industries; protect their own interests; and lie to us about it.

It’s terrifying.

We need to do something. In March, we will.

oin Rebellion of One to be part of Extinction Rebellion UK’s first mass civil disobedience of 2021.

Rebellion Of One is a brand new tactic: a single-person roadblock ... times 1,000. The action is open to anyone and there is a role for everyone. Each person wears a sign with a simple and emotive message. They each have an incognito support team, hiding in plain sight amongst the passersby on the pavements. They remain sitting in the road until they choose to move, or are moved.

It’s a chance to do something alone, yet united. Individual, yet collective.

This action has been trialled successfully several times in London and Cambridge; here is a short film about the trials.

Here is the full action briefing, and here's a link to a calendar for the special trainings that have been designed for this action. Sign up here and join the Telegram channel here.

This action will be the first of XR UK’s rolling Rebellion Waves: rebellions held each month, increasing in pressure each time as we build up to COP26. In this unprecedented time, we must continue to act, and this is an action that can be taken during Covid.

We will not be bystanders while the world burns.

See you on the streets.