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People's Assemblies are a way for a group of people to talk in an organised and safe way, sharing their feelings and ideas about topics, or issues orwhere all voices are heard, respected and valued equally and no one person or group is able to dominate the process.

The third XR demand, for Citizen's Assemblies chosen by Sortition, is one way that the broken system can be made obsolete. We trust ordinary people. Using this participatory democracy method can enable people to begin to reclaim power and address what global politics and the system that drives it is failing to do. Both Citizens’ and People’s Assemblies are based on the 'assembly' process which enables people to share equally and openly within an environment that is non-judgemental and respectful - and facilitated to that effect.
People’s Assemblies (PAs) are part of the escalation, organisation and decision making strategy of XR. They have a long history. Traditional representational democracy is not fit for the purpose of addressing the climate emergency, as politicians represent many competing interests before they represent the interests of people and planet. XR see radical new forms of democracy, that put decision making back in the hands of the people, as the only way by which we can take back control from the corporate captured system currently failing us.

We need more people to step up to be People’s Assembly Facilitators and the good news is that it is quite easy & there is lots of support.
People’s Assemblies (PA) play a fundamental role in XRs strategy. They are key to the Local Democracy Hub, XR Strategy development and many more initiatives.
People’s assemblies can be used to help people to feel safe to share the grief and loss they feel for a world that is rapidly collapsing and allow people to organise and work together and develop new forms of participatory democracy.